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Leadership Summit 2014: Wisdom Across the Generations- A Lifetime of Legacy

The recent 2014 Leadership gave attendees the perfect opportunity to consider the stories of women leaders as they talked about their lives, careers, families, friends and legacies. What was most surprising, in spite of their age range from the mid-20s to the early-80s, was that so many of perspectives were similar. Participants were invited to use these questions as a guide for their remarks.

Did your expectations for your life match your current reality?
What are/were your expectations for this stage of your life?
What if anything knocked you off course?
How did your experience move you forward in a new way?
Is the legacy you are going to leave what it is right now?
How are you creating your legacy?

Serious questions and the desire to control and direct one’s life start early. Support is essential in every phase. Mentoring is necessary. Legacy can have as large or as focused a net as one wants. Transitions can be wonderful and inspiring and fun, especially if they are planned. Age is a factor as retirement security concerns face us, but it does not diminish one’s influence, desire to contribute, or enthusiasm for the work one sees before her, paid or not, that needs to be done.

Selected “quotable gems”

Most people don’t want the expert to have all the answers.
We only do well the things we like doing.
Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they are finished.
It’s important to fail better.
Promoting myself is essential, and takes practice and courage.
The imposter syndrome is a fact of life.
Be present.
I am happiest and most productive when I am in the right environment with the right people.
Knowing when to step aside is important.
I give myself permission not to be responsible for anyone else’s experience.
I want to have lived the life I have created by my own hand.