What We Do

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting harnesses the power of transformational leadership to achieve organizational excellence for healthcare, education and related businesses.  We partner with leaders who are passionate about transforming their organizations into high performing, engaged and energized workplaces.

We meet the unique needs of our clients through a flexible array of services including coaching, facilitation, assessment, strategic planning, training, presentations and learning communities. (see how we help)

Our services are designed to connect with and support each other, fitting together to benefit leaders and the entire organization. And, each service can stand alone.

We work with leadership and organizations to create organizational excellence by Maximizing Talent, Performing Effectively and Realizing Purpose.

Maximizing Talent

We create organizational excellence for the best possible talent in an environment where they can do their best work.

Performing Effectively

We ensure all contributors have the skills necessary to communicate, collaborate and respond to the ever-changing workplace.

Realizing Purpose

We take the time to address processes and practices to optimize quality in products and services for your organization.