What We Do


Our Approach

Thunderbird Leadership’s process is collaborative and customized to each organization’s growth and development goals. Our partnerships with our clients are long lasting. Our senior associates and executive coaches are respected professionals in their fields with diverse styles and expertise. Our passion for excellence is evidence-based and focuses on teaming, creativity, innovation, and empowerment. The Dynamic Leadership Behavior Model™ is foundational to our work, placing focus on self-awareness, deep listening, curiosity, empathy, and decisiveness to maximize results.

Our approach to teaming is engaging, practical, meaningful, and actionable. We bring people, relationships and ideas together in ways that are bold and sustainable, turning ideas and intentions into action. Our sessions combine in-person, virtual, and hybrid formats.

We create safe spaces for people to reach their fullest potential. We provide the tools, skills and opportunities leaders need to take initiative and excel. We coach and support leaders to be catalysts for change.

Disruption to Innovation

The primary goal of the Disruption to Innovation program is to equip leaders with knowledge, tools, and skills to thrive in today’s environment. With current issues challenging our foundation, leadership must focus on “WE” not “I” to be successful. Therefore, new mindsets and skills are needed to guide teams. Following an organizational assessment, we provide an organizational development approach including teaming sessions, executive coaching and leader development services.

Executive / Leadership Coaching

Leaders are challenged to take on new roles and develop new skills to adapt to the complexity and speed of change in today’s organizations. Today’s leaders must view the organization as a system (social and operational) rather than focus on just their component parts. They need new skills to enhance connections with others, to create partnerships, empower teams and collaborate in multiple directions with multiple disciplines.


We intentionally shift from thinking as separate and distinct individuals/ departments, to seeing participants as members of a high performing team. Our workshops prepare leaders to form strong, cohesive, and effective teams. By embracing the uniqueness of each individual/ group, their perspectives, beliefs, and experiences teams are more adept at navigating their everchanging world.


As organizations seek to innovate, solve complex problems, and move their work forward, skilled facilitators ensure that all stakeholders can be present and fully engaged in the conversation and task at hand. Our facilitators are experienced in guiding and evoking the wisdom of our clients through consensus building and action planning.

Talent Management & Succession Planning

Organizations are facing unprecedented talent challenges and require a dynamic plan to lead them forward. The process includes a review of the current talent plan, organizational beliefs about talent, desired vs. current state to meet the organizational mission and a talent review of all key positions. A focused plan will be developed to meet the changing needs of the workforce and to develop a succession plan for all key roles. The plan, when implemented, will stabilize the workforce, and move the organization forward.

Reflect, Rejuvenate, & Thrive

This program creates space for personal exploration of hopes, aspirations, values, and beliefs about health and wellness in a supportive and relaxing environment. Bringing together professionals who are open to personal discovery and willing to share their observations and experiences, participants will address core aspects of health through activities, conversations, and presentations to discover a regenerative path toward a fulfilling future.

Care Delivery Model Redesign

Hospitals and healthcare settings are challenged by the shrinking numbers of clinical professionals and are seeking ways to streamline care delivery and maximize expertise of their clinicians. Our approach includes an assessment of the organization and team to evaluate and leverage current culture, team dynamics and organizational priorities to achieve their redesign goals.

Energizing Creativity

Innovative leaders embrace their innate abilities to encourage a spirit of creativity in their teams. Our workshops and experiences provide the refresh needed to build community, tap into their own creative tendencies while incorporating fun and lightness. Write, jam, draw, paint, and songwrite to offer new possibilities, strengthen connections, and build community

Specialized Services

Our team of field experts guide the organization to address and/or deliver:

  • Aligning Values & Behaviors
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Everything DiSC: Assessment, Profile, Facilitation and access to the Catalyst Platform
  • HR Infrastructure
  • Innovation Workshops
  • IT Service Assessment
  • Magnet® Assessment
  • Strategic Planning

Who We Work With

In our 20 years in business, we’ve partnered with hundreds of clients including…