Reflect, Rejuvenate & Thrive:
Pathways to Empowered Living

Join us in Phoenix, Arizona for an empowering and fulfilling experience!

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This experience creates space for personal exploration of hopes, aspirations, values, and beliefs about health and wellness in a supportive and relaxing environment. Participants will address core aspects of health through activities, facilitated dialogue, presentations, and more to discover a regenerative path toward a fulfilling future.

  • Through personal reflection, dialog with colleagues and sharing wellness goals in a relaxing setting, participants will be prepared for the day’s activities.
  • Sessions are tailored to the participants’ needs so that each can create a customized, holistic plan to achieve personal/professional/work goals.
  • Sessions are developed to design personalized, meaningful habits that will be achievable as individuals leave the retreat and re-enter their lives.


Those who are ready for self-discovery and are willing to explore ways that support personal growth and potential, striving to create a balanced, purposeful and meaningful life path.


$250 Early Bird pricing!
(SAVE NOW! Price increases to $300 on April 5, 2024.)

Price Includes: Breakfast, lunch, museum entry, and workshop materials


I am a registered nurse and have completed Dr. Andrew Weil’s Integrative Health Coaching program. I am nationally board certified in health and wellness coaching. In my practice, I partner with individuals who are interested in making changes to their health and well-being to promote their optimal health and wellness. Health coaching works with the whole person to achieve meaningful, sustainable change.

Dorothy Sisneros, MS, MBA, FAACVPR

I am a connector, guide, and champion of others. I believe in the intricate connection of body, mind
and spirit. I have years of education and experience in health promotion and wellness and have led programs in several organizations. My personal journey through breast cancer strengthened my resolve to focus on well-being at Thunderbird. Finding our healthy sweet spot is as unique as we are
as passionate people and evolving leaders.

Kevin Monaco, MA, BA

I am an educator, coach, and artist. Through music, visual arts, and a holistic health approach, I use creativity to forge pathways of self-discovery and personal transformation. I help others foster and harness their own creativity and intuition through my passion for mindfulness. I have experience in the healing arts, composing and performing music for mindfulness, chakra and energy work, meditation, and Reiki practice.

Nathan Bachofsky, M.Ed., BME

I am passionate about supporting others on their journey to self-discovery and expression. As an
experienced, licensed educator and facilitator, I find engaging and meaningful ways for people to tap into their inner wisdom. I enjoy creating experiences that build relationships, foster community, and promote personal and professional growth. As an artist and artistic director, I enjoy helping others reclaim and harness their creativity as a tool for transformation.