Performing Effectively

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting works with leadership and organizations, ensuring leaders and all contributors have the “soft skills” necessary to communicate, collaborate and respond to the ever-changing demands of the workplace.

Leaders are being asked to take on new roles and develop new attributes to respond to the growing complexity and speed of change in today’s organizations. Today’s leaders must view the organization as a system (social and operational) rather than focus on just their component parts. They need new skills to enhance connections with others, to create partnerships, empower teams and collaborate in multiple directions with multiple disciplines.

Transformational leaders use their power to set direction that provides clarity and focus for others, as well as promoting effective problem solving, execution/implementation, decision-making and ongoing adaptation for sustained performance. Thunderbird Leadership Consulting offers a comprehensive, customized design for organizations to address their needs for organizational performance and individual leader success.

Components include:

  • Readiness assessment/needs assessment
  • Planning team consultation and design
  • Executive team engagement
  • Customized leadership curriculum
  • Integration of plan with organizational team development

Designed to move individuals and teams to peak performance, leadership development is a process of education and application usually delivered in half day sessions for leaders, managers and supervisors. Clients are able to select from a topical list, determine the sequencing and timing, and provide input so we can tailor the sessions to meet your specific needs. Read more about our topics.

Thunderbird improved my skills as a leader by challenging me to think globally and creatively and to foster this kind of thinking within the organization.”Thunderbird gave me the confidence and support to become a transparent leader and to help develop a culture of transparency across my organization”.

The most important work is accomplished by teams, and yet managing teams to produce effective results can be quite a challenge. In addition to providing leadership development, Thunderbird Leadership Consulting recommends working directly with teams to increase their ability to collaborate, appreciate and work across differences, hold themselves and each other accountable and focus their energy on results.

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting provides team-focused workshops that align with leadership development work to create strong, cohesive, effective teams. Additionally, team members begin learning and demonstrating the soft-skills necessary for advancement…building the talent bench in the organization.

Topic examples include:

  • Team Building
  • Service Excellence
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Accountability
  • Handling Change
  • Dealing with Differences

“Thunderbird’s comprehensive team development program was essential for our new organization; it enabled us to overcome the start-up hurdles and achieve our goals.”

Given the importance of leadership and the executive’s role in transforming today’s complex systems, Leadership Intensives bring together executives from organizations around the globe to work together to see the world anew by refocusing the lens through which leadership is viewed. Leadership requires expanding the capability of people within the organization to deal with and adapt to continuous change and complexity. This focus starts with the building the capability of the leader him/herself and then moves to creating the context within which others can be successful and align their actions to the vision.

Leadership Intensives provide executives with:

  • New ways to approach today’s problems and opportunities utilizing a systems framework
  • An enhanced understanding of how to lead differently in a value-based model
  • Application of new learnings through the development of an action plan to address an existing challenge
  • Ongoing leadership coaching and networking opportunities

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Organizational Excellence Through Transformational Leadership