Example of Our Work: Strategic Planning

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting was contacted by the CEO of a healthcare company, with a request to develop a one to three year strategic plan. After a conversation with the champion responsible for planning to understand the scope of the work, we conducted interviews with key players in the organization. The purpose of the interviews was to make sure that we had heard themes and issues likely to come up in the sessions, and to convey our understanding of these items, thereby letting them know they have been heard. We completed this stage of the process by reviewing relevant materials and documents.

We then designed the process to occur in 2 half-day sessions; the first session in the afternoon, the second session the following morning. Not many people can sit and actively participate in one eight-hour session! We organized the sessions using an Appreciative Inquiry approach, which builds on an understanding of the organization, when it was performing at its best. We concluded the two sessions by facilitating their design of an action plan.

The scope of our work included sending a formal written report and 3 and 6 month follow up meetings to help them evaluate the progress they had made.

Organizational Excellence Through Transformational Leadership