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Thunderbird Leadership partners with organizations to inspire and energize productive teams. We ignite the transformation of organizations in healthcare, education, and related businesses through a collaborative, personalized approach. Our work is evidence based and our connections are long-lasting.

  • "Our methodology has been tested over time. We focus on executive leaders, the teaming process, leadership/ management development, emerging leaders, values and behaviors, all with a focus on the future. We act as thought- partners and provide leaders with coaches and a space to examine their leadership over time."- Dorothy Sisneros, MS, MBA, FAACVPManaging Partner
  • "There is a focus on culture. How do you change the environment in ways that are conducive to people doing their best work and contributing at the highest level? It starts with the culture, the environment–the community of individuals that work together."- Amy Steinbinder PhD, RN, NE-BCManaging Partner
  • "The work we do at Thunderbird has the power to show others their potential through creative self-discovery and teaming. In an environment of trust and confidence, we employ a practical and meaningful process that is flexible, personalized, relevant, and has the power to move organizations optimistically into the future."- Kevin Monaco B.A., M.AVP of Communications and Creative Design
  • "We live out our values by continuously adapting and expanding what it means to be a leader in today's world. Our commitment to Caring Leadership is always at the foundation of our programming, and we strive to create innovative, impactful experiences for our clients that meet the needs of that new landscape."- Nathan Bachofsky M.Ed., B.M.EdVP of Learning & Innovation
  • "We help organizations look at the big picture and connections, and reimagine all the components and how they can fit more effectively together. We support leaders in doing so, using the latest evidence and research, so they are able to create something that works, that is operationally sound, that they can execute, and that is what will allow them to continue to thrive as an organization."- Dorothy Sisneros, MS, MBA, FAACVPManaging Partner
  • "Leadership is a privilege. It's about how we invite others into that space and privilege of being a leader and make it something that they want to be instead of something they dread or fear. We have the responsibility to those around us to create opportunities for leadership to flourish."- Dorothy Sisneros, MS, MBA, FAACVPManaging Partner
  • "We partner with organizations to create environments that assist them in examining what they do and how they do it so that they can move into the future to meet the needs of their clinical staff and their patients." - Amy Steinbinder PhD, RN, NE-BCManaging Partner

Thunderbird Leadership partners with organizations to inspire and energize productive teams.


We create organizational
excellence for the best
possible talent in an
environment where they
can do their best work.


We ensure all contributors
have the skills necessary to
communicate, collaborate
and respond to the everchanging workplace.


We take the time to address processes and practices to optimize quality in products and services for your organization.


We support leaders in cultivating a spirit of innovation.

“Thunderbird improved my skills as a leader by challenging me to think globally and creatively and to foster this kind of thinking within the organization.”

“Thunderbird provides a framework for service excellence that enables us to change our organization’s culture. This effort substantially improved teamwork among stand and leadership, thereby enhancing job satisfaction and improving quality outcomes.”

“Executive Coaching with Thunderbird provided me with the tools and insight I needed to effectively lead our management team, build strong relationships throughout the organization and set a clear strategic direction that”

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