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Selected presentations made by Thunderbird Leadership Consulting

  • Creating An Engaged Workforce: HFMA Texas Lone Star Chapter; Dorothy Sisneros
  • Employee Focus in a Time of Change: HFMA Texas Lone Star Chapter; Dorothy Sisneros
  • Transformational Leadership: Arizona Women in Higher Education Conference; Dorothy Sisneros
  • Pursuing Magnet Designation: Nevada Organization of Nurse Leaders; Amy Steinbinder
  • Applying Intelligent Complex Adaptive Systems Theory to Healthcare Innovation Cycle: AONE Annual Meeting; Amy Steinbinder with Kathy Scott, PhD, RN, FACHE
  • Talent Management- Creating a Leadership Pipeline: Chair Academy Annual Conference; Dorothy Sisneros with Rufus Glasper and Josh Mackey
  • Positive Deviance: Phoenix Health Services Advisory Group; Amy Steinbinder with Liz Lykrt
  • Root Cause Analysis: Interdisciplinary Seminar, Colleges of Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing, University of Arizona; Amy Steinbinder
  • Who’s in Your Network- Building Connections: Nevada Hospital Association Annual Meeting; Dorothy Sisneros


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Practice and Issues in Education

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Talent Management

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Service Excellence

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Coaching/Personal Development/Effectiveness

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Healthcare Safety and Quality

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Healthcare Magnet Designation

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Organizations, Culture, Change

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Organizational Excellence Through Transformational Leadership