Tips for a Richer, More Meaningful, 2018

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In our final blog post of 2017, we invited our consultant team to share the lessons they learned this past year. The feedback we’ve received let us know that our readers really appreciated the insights that were shared.  So we thought we would summarize and operationalize those lessons as a way to get started in the new year.

Tip I – Experience Fun!

Did you know that laughter enhances creativity? Find something joyful in every day and make a point to notice it.  Whether it is the sunrise, unexpected laughter or a silly or irreverent thought, Enjoy!

Tip II – Clean House

Whether it is your office, your closet, your house or the clutter in your mind, take some time this month to sort, order, arrange and toss or give away the things and ideas that you no longer need. Start the new year more efficiently and effectively.

Tip III – Be Present

You will be more effective in your life and work if you intentionally stay present in the moment. In addition to finding time alone, give family, friends and colleagues your full attention when you are with them. Don’t plan your next sentence, thought or meeting while they are speaking. Listen fully, and then allow yourself to pause and reflect . . . before you respond. They will appreciate your attention and your resulting communication will be that much better.

Tip IV – Manage Anger and Frustration

Know your early warning signals of anger and identify your best way to manage.  Breathing deeply really does help. Taking a minute to explore what you are telling yourself that is getting you riled up and decide how you want to respond.

Tip V – Redefine Time

Master your time.  Know what you value. Invest your time and energy into what is important to your life, your work and your organization. Prioritize by value rather than assumed urgency.

Tip VI – See Beyond our Thoughts

Be careful not to be so caught up in being right that you miss new possibilities and new relationships.  Recognize that ideas, thoughts, and beliefs can evolve.  Step back from absolutes on the road to great discoveries. (Check out Tip III for a way to do this.)

Tip VII – Accept Ourselves as We Are

Be careful not to get caught up in defining yourself by status, labels and roles. Our titles can be taken away but our character lasts a lifetime. It is not what we do but how we are that really matters.  What are the character traits you value? Are you living them? How can you live them more and be more of who you want to be?

Bonus Tip for 2018 – Study Sound

We live in a world where silence is a rare commodity. Be aware of the sounds around you – whether it is traffic, music, air conditioning, voices, and find times to escape to more natural sound – the breeze, water flowing, birds. Notice how you think and feel in your different environments and use that information as a tool to balance your life in 2018.