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Leadership Summit 2016: I See Me in This New Normal- Connecting with our Humanity

We often look out into a world that echoes our values and value, a place of belonging and alignment. Yet these days, as the world changes in surprising ways, we are more and more challenged to find ourselves reflected in this larger world. We may experience a sense of separation, a sense of residing outside of what now seems to be the new normal, one in which our personal selves seem to become invisible and irrelevant.

Keynote speaker Connie Harmsen shared her recent experiences guiding the creation of new health care facilities in various countries throughout Asia, as well as the challenges in maintaining a global relationship with colleagues, friends and family! She discussed the significant impact that technology has had on health and healthcare, and targeted the smartphone as THE disruptive technology of our time. Throughout the day we addressed the connectedness needed to bridge the divides of our differences, including sending a mindful email with a 6-second pause; mindfulness as technology for the soul, rethinking the role of stress in our lives and searching for ease instead. The awareness that is needed for us to live intentional and meaningful professional and personal lives was also a thread through the topic of eating, and hunger vs. mindlessness. The various elements of the day were tied together by an exercise about how to connect more deeply with oneself, understanding self-connection as a critical foundation to staying grounded and centered in today’s environment.