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Leadership Summit 2015: Living in a World of Imbalance (and who doesn’t live here?)

This year’s Summit provided ample opportunity to study balance, groundedness, conscious leadership, mindfulness techniques and tactics, and ditching the drama. In addition there was time for reflection, sharing with others and networking.

Featured Speaker Tim Porter O’Grady kicked off the day with the topic of leadership and equanimity.

Strategic planning doesn’t work in such a fast-changing environment. The target shifts too quickly. Instead, leaders need to understand the trajectory of change and be able to anticipate how it will affect them. Today’s systems need to be fluid, flexible and focused. Rather than asking the question how can we make more time, we need to ask WHY we want to make more time. We need to make taking things off our plates just as important as putting things on. We need to be doing things that are RELEVANT. Volume is not relevant in a value-driven world.

Experience and knowledge are the greatest impediments to success today because they keep us firmly rooted to the age that we are leaving. The knowledge and experience of the industrial age have no place in the digital era, except as foundations to the leaders we have become. We must surrender our attachment to what WAS successful. Chaos creates energy; we live on the edge. Humans don’t MAKE change; change is the space we occupy.

Featured Speaker: David Couper- Consciousness is the New Wisdom of Leadership

To becoming a more conscious leader:
1. Understand that you are not alone; everyone is part of the whole.
2. Intentions and goals equal extraordinary results; intentions connect with heart, are more forgiving than goals, and open to a much broader experience.
3. Connect with spirit, recognizing that there is support and purpose from something bigger than us. We do not have to do it all.
4. Understand the judgments and limiting beliefs that stand as barriers to leadership.
5. Conscious leaders forgive others and forgive themselves.