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Leadership Summit 2013: Creating Space and Calming Our Inner Chatter

The 2013 Leadership Summit was a fabulous success! The day-long event, held at the Farm at South Mountain (Phoenix), occurred in a beautiful and natural setting and emphasized healing environments. We studied well-being at all levels, to replace a “Help, My Plate is Full!” mentality. (No, the answer is NOT to get a bigger plate!) We learned and practiced the Japanese art of Ikebana, with each person creating several healing floral arrangements. After a superb lunch created with produce grown at the Farm, we studied how our perspectives shape our experience, and how to harness that power for a more harmonious life. We learned about the power of plants, expressed as healing essential oils. And at the end of the day, we honored a service consciousness, as each person gave away all but one of the arrangement he/she made. They were taken to unsuspecting recipients in health care environments around Phoenix.