Maximizing Talent

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting works with leadership and organizations to create organizational excellence and maximize talent. We ensure the selection and development of the best possible talent in an environment where they can do their best work.

We are on the brink of the greatest demand for qualified human capital in history and the need for effective talent management and succession planning has never been greater. Creating an effective talent management and succession planning strategy with you includes assessing your existing talent strategy and building on your foundation.

Crucial components of an effective strategy are:

  • A well-integrated selection process
  • Linking the selection process with the organization’s end-user, be it patient, student or customer
  • Effective recruitment and onboarding plans
  • Systematic development and retention program

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting can provide:

  • Strategy Sessions or On-Site Consulting
  • Talent Review Calibration Facilitation
  • Presentations for Leaders, Boards and/or other Stakeholders regarding Talent Management concepts and outcomes
  • Resource materials and reports

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When people hear the term performance management, they often think of annual reviews, evaluations, rating systems, etc.  There is a great deal of discussion about the value of these practices in motivating employees to succeed with some companies throwing away their annual reviews, seeing them as worthless at best and perhaps even damaging to performance and productivity.

At Thunderbird Leadership Consulting, we define Performance Management as the purposeful cultivation of employees, who are, in fact, the most significant investment most companies ever make.  An effective performance management system provides:

  • Clarity of expectations
  • Strong positive manager/employee relationships
  • Frequent, honest feedback
  • Ongoing employee development

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting provides:

  • Strategy sessions and on-site consulting
  • Organizational Assessment of current performance management practices and employee impact
  • Leadership and management coaching
  • Resource materials and reports

“Thunderbird conducted focus groups with my entire department and was able to quickly establish a rapport with all participants that resulted in honest, actionable feedback. Their ability to solicit feedback with all personality types resulted in an action plan that truly represented the needs of our employees. With her help our net employee satisfaction survey resulted in the highest scores since we began the survey!”

Diversity is a fact of life in today’s work environments. Successful organizations capitalize on the strength of their diversity by creating inclusive environments that promote engagement and innovation. At a time when we are facing escalating demands for human capital, they are the companies of choice that lead their fields in attracting and retaining the best talent. (add footnote from Deloitte documenting success information)

The most effective organizations create and sustain cultures that actively and intentionally encourage and support the diversity of thought, perspective and skill that their workforce contributes.

Components of an effective diversity and inclusion framework include:

  • Clarity and commitment to a shared value regarding diversity and inclusion
  • Alignment of policies, procedures and practices with organizational value of diversity and inclusion
  • Development of inclusive leaders
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Inclusive Hiring Recruitment, Retention and Advancement strategies
  • Accountability and metrics
  • Inclusive Culture

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting provides:

  • Organizational diversity assessment
  • Strategic consultation and planning to proactively integrate diversity and inclusion into the organization
  • Presentations and training to leadership and teams on diversity and inclusion topics
  • Consultation about Employee Resource Group development
  • Resource materials and reports

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The day is never over. The work is never done. We are all connected 24/7 and expected to be on and respond with consistent quality and accuracy. Except we can’t and we don’t. We all know what we “should” do, but work demands, the environment we are in, the unspoken rules about what it means to be successful and a team player inhibit us from acting in our own (and our organization’s) best interests.

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting offers organizations and leaders the opportunity to identify and commit to strategies that allow for long-term success by taking care of the most important asset, the people. Whether in healthcare, education or an allied industry, we know that to be at our best we must replenish, refuel and recharge. This requires:

  • Setting (and honoring) appropriate boundaries
  • Getting help for issues/problems
  • Engaging in health and wellness activities
  • Avoiding abuse of alcohol or other drugs
  • Identifying the signs of burnout and addressing them early

Organizational Excellence Through Transformational Leadership