Example of Our Work: Training

The HR Director of a company contacted Thunderbird Leadership Consulting to ask for help in developing mid-level leaders in the organization. We met with the HR Director, who was the development champion for the organization, to brainstorm members of a focus group for us to meet with. In that meeting we discovered more about the needs of the target group, their typical progression through the organization, and the organization’s goal for leader development. From the focus group a smaller planning group emerged, with whom we developed the framework, content and curriculum for leader development. Although our initial contact was with the HR Director, we involved the CEO and Executive team in the planning and roll-out of the leadership development program.

The program was designed to occur monthly, on a predictable date, with a fixed group of cohort leaders. Each session included practice skills and activities, and homework for the next session. Activities were also developed to occur between meetings. The effect of these training sessions was cumulative, building on the experiences of prior sessions, and addressing individual development within the context of team. A common language evolved which helped participants carry the learning into the work setting beyond the meetings.

This approach of team training within an organization is so much more practical and transferable than that of sending participants away for a day or two session and hoping they will bring that knowledge back into the workplace. Those approaches seldom work and often seem like wasted dollars.

Organizational Excellence Through Transformational Leadership