Example of Our Work: Learning Communities

For ten years, Thunderbird Leadership Consulting has been a sponsor of an annual leadership Summit. This learning community was initially conceived as an opportunity to bring TLC clients together to share projects, progress and results. Whether the client came from health care or education, their experiences implementing service excellence programs, for example, were familiar to all and translatable across the board. The first Summit, a one-day session, was so successful and valued by the participants that they requested to do it again and invite others they knew who would benefit from a professionally-enriching and personally grounding day. Over the years participants have been invited to serve on Planning Committees, bringing the challenges they were facing in their work situations, as well as sharing ideas for helpful approaches, and speakers. This involvement and momentum helped create next year’s Summit. Summit topics have included Change, Chaos, Significance, Simplicity, Transformational Leadership. Click here to read a summary of recent past Summits.

Organizational Excellence Through Transformational Leadership