Example of Our Work: Facilitation

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting was invited to work with a healthcare company to help them come to a recommendation about the best ways to reduce operating costs. We met with the CEO to understand the scope of the decision and to help him differentiate his role as participant vs. his role as sole decision maker. In this case the leader was perfectly capable of facilitating the decision process himself, but he wanted his input to be considered alongside the other participants’ involvement, and not to “dictate” the decision simply because he was the CEO. His goal was to strengthen the buy in and support of the decision through a facilitated process. We identified the key players necessary to be in the discussion.

We met with the team of individuals for a 3 hour period. During the time we uncovered assumptions about the impending cost reductions, and were able to ask (and have answered) questions of the leader. We identified themes and issues that had not been surfaced, and put them on the table for discussion. As the discussion evolved and it became apparent that a consensus had emerged, we made that observation and brought it to the group’s attention. We concluded the meeting by asking each person to share his or her concerns about the recommendation on the table, and agree, even if they personally didn’t agree with it, that they would wholeheartedly support the recommendation.

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