Example of Our Work: Assessment

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting was invited into the hospital to help it on its Magnet journey. Initially we made observations in the clinical areas since the Magnet components estimate the organization’s professional practice environment with a focus on patient care quality. We examined structures and looked for evidence of those written processes in action. We were interested in observing nurses individually as well as interacting with other nurses and team members. This helped us understand the culture and familiarize ourselves with the uniqueness of this hospital.

Next, we invited a cross section of clinical staff and leaders to meet with us, so that they could all understand, as a group, what the requirements of the Magnet designation were, and how they applied to this hospital. This process of getting the right people together involved lots of preparation. it was important for the Chief Nursing Officer and Magnet champion to understand what was expected of them as well as their role in the Magnet journey. In a facilitated session, for each Source of Evidence and every Component, we asked the large group to identify their own progress, answering the question “to what degree is a particular practice consistent across the units?” Everyone had a chance to report out their results and provide feedback to each other. Sometimes that feedback changed a department’s view of how well the organization was meeting the requirement. At the end of the assessment process, participants had a good understanding of the gaps they needed to address, and the next steps they thought they could take to align themselves closer to the Magnet framework. Members of the hospital team came to their own conclusions with Thunderbird as a helpful guide and coach, rather than as a dictating authority.

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