In 2007, Dorothy Sisneros and Amy Steinbinder forged their passion for leadership and excellence in healthcare and education into Thunderbird Leadership Consulting.

Our Vision

Thunderbird Leadership Consulting harnesses the power of transformational leadership to achieve organizational excellence for healthcare, education and related businesses.  We partner with leaders who are passionate about transforming their organizations into high performing, engaged and energized workplaces.

Why Thunderbird?

We love living in the southwest. We honor the original people of this place and want to be grounded in shared values of nature and harmony, of enduring strife and aspiring to transcendence. The Thunderbird has been represented in many American Indian tribal cultures as a force of power, a bridge between worlds, a symbol of moving from strife to transcendence and victory. We want to share our energy and wisdom with our clients, to help them transcend from current situations that no longer meet their needs to their conceived responsive, effective future state. We believe that the relationship between the consultant and client is critical to achieving success so we have convened a consulting team with breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to provide the best resources. We believe that together, we can achieve transcendence defined as a state of excelling, surpassing, going beyond the usual limits.

What We Value

The core of our work… and in our lives is based on trust, community and integrity. We live in a turbulent world. There is so much fear. We foster safe spaces for people to have hard conversations, to be vulnerable with each other, to discover and learn to create better futures for themselves and their organizations. We believe people are well-intentioned but they don’t always have the skills they need.

What We Bring

Our sweet spot is leaders at all levels! People are generally interested in improving themselves and their companies. We provide a forum for them to be their best!


Wisdom is defined as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. The strength of our Thunderbird Leadership Consulting Team is using our shared wisdom to help our clients translate what we know into action.


Our consulting team builds relationships with our clients that add energy and excitement to the process. Our day to day work can be draining. Participants look forward to being re-energized in their work with Thunderbird Leadership.


Thunderbird Leadership is committed to growing leaders and organizations. Our goal is for our business and organizational clients have the tools they need to continue to transform their organizations after our services end.  They own it!


Our contracts don’t last forever, but the trust and confidence we have in each other does. It is surprising how often we find ways to reconnect, link people together and/or share ideas that make a difference across businesses and industries.

Organizational Excellence Through Transformational Leadership